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  • Another skweezer fix ( stopped working and had to be replaced by

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While RSS is with us for years, its popularity growths only slowly. The main reason that it is considered a technical topic. That's what Resco News tries to make easier.

Resco News builds on a newspaper analogy. The user defines his personal newspaper from the large number of high-quality feeds, defines the update frequency and that's it. It's matter of seconds and many users won't need more.

What is even better — the newspaper can be exported to the Palm Launcher and becomes thus accessible with a single click as any other Palm application.

Technically skilled users may use other tools frequently met in RSS readers:

  • Manual feed definition (if one knows feed URL)
  • Search for feeds by a phrase (relying on Syndic8 engine)
  • Extracting feeds from given web page
  • OPML import/export (sharing of the feed lists) via BT, e-mail etc

Other features supported by Resco News:

  • Newspaper update on the background
  • User notification about incoming news (blinking asterisk on Treo)
  • Audio podcast streaming. Currently works for Kinoma and partially tested with PTunes.
  • Import of the BlogLines user feeds

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Resco Neeews!


Resco Neeews! 2.41.1

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